Fabrizio Rainieri

Fabrizio is a graphic designer and artist living near to Florence in Italy.  Until 2003 he worked as a surveyor before retraining in graphic design at the International School of comics.  Fabrizio creates an interesting mix of Op Art and strong poster art style graphics, often using just three strong colours (black, red and white).


Did you study art? If so, where?
I was a surveyor. In 2003 I moved to Florence, where I studied graphic design at the International School of Comics.

Why do you like Op Art?
Maybe because it combines symmetry and art and I am fascinated by the way you can invoke emotion through that combination. I like the way op art contains a depth which isn’t immediately apparent. In my opinion op-art should allow the viewer to project their own interpretation onto the piece. (The more you look, the more you see.) I like the idea of people getting lost in a piece.

How do you make your art?
Generally I take inspiration in moments of boredom or relaxatio – for example the shower is a good place. As to which tools I use – I start with a good old fashioned paper and pencil, then I scan it in and rework it with Adobe Illustrator.

What’s the process for making one of your artworks?
The more detailed process of actually creating the artwork within Adobe Illustrator involves measuring and transposing various elements to create a type of symmetry. If I were to print it, I’d do so on wood so as to introduce a certain texture.

Any other art you like and other artists that inspire or have inspired you.
Escher first and foremost. I was very inspired by work I saw while holidaying in Aix in Provence at the Vasarely foundation. I’m also inspired by the protest art of Shepard Fairey.

Outside of Op Art, what else do you enjoy doing?
I love music, movies and see exhibitions. I like Indie / Punk / Rock music, some of my favourite bands include The Clash and Queens of the Stone Age. I enjoy films by M. Scorsese and P.T. Anderson.


You can see more of Fabrizio’s work on his flavors.me web page and additionally on his behance profile.

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