November 21 - Torusride

Davidope Op Art Torusride (easy) by Davidope


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  • Carla Louisee on 2010-Mar-23 13:15:32 Carla Louisee said

    This picturee hurts my eye's
  • channel leah brown on 2010-Mar-23 13:16:46 channel leah brown said

    this picture hurts your eyes when you look at it
  • KYLE :) :P on 2010-Mar-23 13:18:45 KYLE :) :P said

  • Caprice on 2010-Mar-23 14:15:23 Caprice said

    This picture is wicked :D
  • Lauren whiteee on 2010-Mar-23 14:35:03 Lauren whiteee said

    helloooooo everyoneeeee hii carlaaa helloooo capriceeeee :D Lovee this piccy Lol
    Imagine it as a water slideeee :)
  • Rachael McCoy on 2010-Mar-23 14:49:58 Rachael McCoy said

    Hiyahh this is cool xx :)
  • Roderick Jackson on 2010-Nov-21 18:16:31 Roderick Jackson said

    I hope Bridget Riley gets to see this marvel.
    toroids on Grapher 1.00 (mac/Utilities/Grapher)
    are worth a look, Esher would have been in ecstasy.
  • Isaac on 2011-Apr-24 03:09:29 Isaac said

    A R T
    Excellent ! Lovin it.
  • Brandon on 2011-Oct-24 15:54:41 Brandon said

    Op Art
    Brandon: this is very cool.
  • king comp on 2011-Nov-21 19:38:33 king comp said

    that is so cool man whoever created that piece should be a billionaire
  • miguel dawkins on 2011-Nov-22 19:10:33 miguel dawkins said

    omg im feeling sick
  • Tal on 2015-Apr-27 15:52:44 Tal said

    omg is like #tunnel
  • Tal on 2015-Apr-27 15:52:46 Tal said

    omg is like #tunnel
  • Tal on 2015-Apr-27 15:52:47 Tal said

    omg is like #tunnel
  • Tal on 2015-Apr-27 15:52:48 Tal said

    omg is like #tunnel
  • Tal on 2015-Apr-27 15:52:49 Tal said

    omg is like #tunnel
  • Art Girl on 2020-Sep-10 14:10:58 Art Girl said

    TIME WARP!!!
    :) :0 #_^

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