Drifting in Blue

Drifting in Blue
iPhone Wallpaper
320 x 480 px


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  • Orang on 2011-Feb-04 21:05:33 Orang said

    This is absolutely beautiful!
  • Sal on 2011-Feb-25 14:09:33 Sal said

    Does it really contain blue, or is that just an optical illusion?
    In any case that looks amazing!
  • t pain on 2011-Apr-04 18:54:17 t pain said

    dang son!
    holy dog crap cranky this is trippin homie!
  • Olly on 2011-Apr-12 11:18:30 Olly said

    Glad you all like it
    Yes it does contain blue! It fades from blue to black. It just uses one shape that shifts down across the surface and then back up.
  • sara on 2011-Oct-21 08:19:13 sara said


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