Yohei Yama

Yohei Yama

Yohei Yama was born in Japan and currently lives and works in France. A component common to the majority of Yohei’s works seen here is the miniature trees – something that came to Yohei whilst in shock after Fukushima, probably the most devastating nuclear accident in the history of mankind. You may not have heard much in the press recently about Fukushima but that doesn’t mean it’s no longer a problem as you can see here.

Right after the disaster hit Japan in 2011, I was too shocked and could not work on my paintings for many days. Suddenly a motif of a small tree came into my mind. I don`t know why but the more I drew the motif, the more I got filled with energy and I was able to start again. I realized that the trees are healing for me, for people, for nature which humans have destroyed.

Did you study art? If so, where?
No, I am a self-taught artist. Nature is my teacher.

Why do you like Op Art?
Because for me Op Art is so spiritual; I gives me a very good feeling to see this kind of art. Also my eyes like the magical vibration of Op Art.

How do you make your art?
I paint with acrylic and pen. I just follow my feelings and inspiration – there’s no calculation involved.

What’s the process for making one of your artworks?
First I paint with acrylic to lay down the colour and create the environment; then I plant little trees (my motif) all over the canvas. To plant all these little trees is like a kind of meditation for me.

Any other art you like and other artists that inspire or have inspired you.
My inspiration is… the universe, sun, moon, wind, birds, trees, flowers… Nature has shown me beautiful moments and it has always inspired me.

I like any artist who has an original and unique style – I mean when you see some painting and you immediately recognize who it is that has painted it – I respect that.

Final thoughts?
I always want to feel the magic that it is to live on planet Earth, this unique planet in the vast expanse of the universe. So precious. I want to study more, I want to have more experiences, and I want to grow more to be better. ARIGATOU.

Up coming Solo Exhibitions.
Aug 28-Sep 3, 2014 at Gallery Consept21 TOKYO
Sep 6-21,2014 at Diginner Gallery TOKYO

You can see more of Yohei’s work on his website.