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A selection of art from Op Artists we've featured on the site
  • Against the grain

    Against the grain

  • 80x90


  • R/W/B


  • Untitled


  • Something Different

    Something Different

  • Untitled


  • Study for R/W/B

    Study for R/W/B

  • Study for Ribbon

    Study for Ribbon

  • Ribbon #1 (under UV)

    Ribbon #1 (under UV)

  • Radiating Rings

    Radiating Rings

  • Spinning Top

    Spinning Top

  • Concentric Squares 2

    Concentric Squares 2

  • Necker Cube Crosses

    Necker Cube Crosses

  • Hollow Necker Cubes

    Hollow Necker Cubes

  • Hollow Tiles Tessellation

    Hollow Tiles Tessellation

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