Chris Tucker

In this months gallery update we’re featuring the work of London based Op Artist Chris Tucker. Chris has studied both at East Ham Art School and Chelsea School of Art and has been concentrating on Op Art since the late 1960s. “I believe that combining psychology and mathematics to create optical abstract pictures that are exciting, disturbing, alluring and beautiful is the purest form of creative activity.”

The six works we’ve featured were created using geometry, number series, colour theory and a lot of artistic experience. Chris works within the software package QuarkXpress to “ensure complete accuracy and adherence to the predetermined principles set down for the creation of each optical composition. This program… provides almost infinite possibilities to generate extremely complex geometrical images. For me it is critical that these pictures are not affected by reproductive techniques, as colour, tone and line need to be as flat and devoid of texture as possible.” The final works, over 1 metre square in size, are printed on an Epson 11880 printer using nine archival pigmented inks and are then laminated with matt pressure sensitive laminate.

Chris additionally works with pencil and pen and ink on paper, wood and Perspex for sculptural pieces and acrylic household or oil paint on canvas, plywood or MDF. Chris sells his work. If you are interested in buying a painting, you can contact Chris via his website.

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